SCCYC House Rules

1. Clubhouse and Port Rules

1.1 HOURS: The Clubhouse is always open to its members in good standing.  However, there is an Officer of the Day (O.D.) on duty during the following hours:

Winter Hours (Nov-Mar)
Friday: 1800 to 2200 hrs
Saturday: 1200 to 1600 hrs
Sunday: 1200 to 1600 hrs

Summer Hours (Apr-Oct)
Friday: 1800 to 2200 hrs
Saturday: 1200 to 1700 hrs
Sunday: 1200 to 1700 hrs


a). The Clubhouse is available to all club members in good standing and their immediate family, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.  Minors under the age of nineteen [16] years must be accompanied by an adult club member.

b). Members may sponsor the use of the Clubhouse by non-profit boating organizations or non-profit public service organizations.  An SCCYC member, in good standing, must be present and be the responsible individual at such an activity.  The Board of Directors reserves the right to impose a fee for such use.  The Clubhouse cannot be used, under any circumstances, for business, political or religious activities (wedding services are acceptable).


The use of the galley, including barbeque equipment, is open to all members in good standing.  The size of the galley necessitates limited use.  The motto for all members is “Leave the galley cleaner than you found it.” 

a). Clean and stow all dishes and cooking utensils used by the member and their guests before departing the Club.  Under no circumstances shall dirty dishes be left in the sinks or on any surrounding counter-tops.

b). Wipe the counter-tops, stove, sink and tables, as needed, before leaving.

c). Mop the floor before leaving.

d). If the trash container is full or nearly full, remove the liner and deposit it in one of the receptacles located on the dock gangway near the seawall.

e). Make certain on Sunday evening that all trash cans are emptied no matter if the container is nearly empty.  Sometimes the clubhouse is closed all week and trash odor which concentrates in the enclosed space is difficult to eliminate.  Replacement liners are stored under the sink in the galley and in the bottom of the trash containers.


Refreshments are served by volunteer club members under the management of the House-Chair and are for the exclusive use of SCCYC members and their guests.  Alcoholic beverages are not sold at the Club.  Instead, members may consume beverages at no charge.  Donations to the building fund are accepted.  When the O.D. is present, he/she is the primary member who may pour beverages from the supply.


Any individual or group using the Club facilities when the Officer of the Day (O.D.) is not on duty shall be completely and personally responsible for care, clean-up, fire prevention, lights-out, fans and heater off, and completely securing and locking-up the Clubhouse.  The last person to leave must be certain that the building is secure (cash/liquor cabinet, office, sliding door and main entry).


a). The Clubhouse cannot be closed to members for any private affair on Fridays after 1600 hours, Saturdays and Sunday (between 1600 hours Friday and 2359 hours Sunday), evenings before Holidays (1600 hours – 2300 hours) and Holidays.  Exclusive use of the clubhouse (i.e.  where club members are not invited) may be reserved by a member in good standing for social activities on Monday through Thursday and Friday prior to 1600 hours.

b). If a member requests exclusive use of the Clubhouse, a usage fee shall be imposed as follows:

i). $50 if the member or organization that the member is sponsoring is not collecting an admission fee or donation by its attendees.

ii). A minimum of $50 and a maximum of $150 if an admission fee is charged or a donation is collected.

iii). $0 for charitable or education use where authorized by the Board.

c). At the discretion of the House Committee (described below), in addition to the usage fee a refundable security deposit may be imposed.  The amount of such deposit shall be negotiated at the time of request.

d). The maximum number of guests allowed at any exclusive social event will be fifty (50) people.


All requests for the use of the Clubhouse must be made to the House-Chair, who is responsible to the House Committee for approval.  The House Committee shall consist of the Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore and the House-Chair.  When time permits, the reservation shall be published in The Beacon prior to the event.  In addition, the date, time, and name of the member or organization shall be posted on the Club calendar for members to see at least seven (7) days prior to the event.  The Board of Directors reserves the right to limit the number of times per calendar year any member may reserve the Clubhouse.

1.8 GUESTS:  

A member inviting a guest shall be responsible for the conduct of such guest and any and all costs to the Club incurred by such guest and for any damage by such guest.  The following rules shall apply to guests visiting the SCCYC facilities:

a). The name and residence of each guest shall be registered in the guest book at the Clubhouse.  Guests visiting SCCYC in the company of a member in good standing shall not require a guest card.

b). Guests visiting SCCYC from another yacht club shall be required to register upon entering the Club premises.

c). All guests, except visiting/reciprocating yachtsmen, must be accompanied by a member in good standing.

d). Members entertaining guests or visitors shall be responsible for their guests’ observance of Club rules.

e). Members are liable for Club property damaged or destroyed by their guests.


a). Children of members under the age of sixteen (16) years shall be accompanied by an adult member while on the Club premises.

b). Members, their family and their guests shall conduct themselves with proper respect and dignity to other members, their families and guests and shall not engage in any inappropriate, disrespectful, drunken or offensive behavior.

c). Members and their guests are requested to wear appropriate dress in the Clubhouse.  Sailing clothing is acceptable.  No bathing suits or bare feet are allowed in the Clubhouse at any time, although they are acceptable on the exterior deck.

d). Pets are allowed on the Club grounds while on a leash per LA County Health department regulations.

e). No one is permitted to rent, borrow or remove any piece of equipment from the Club without the permission of the appropriate and responsible Flag Officer.

f). Club property lost or destroyed by a member, a member of his/her family or his/her Guest must be replaced or paid for by the member.

g). The Club shall not be responsible for the loss or damage to any property of a member or his/her guests.

h). Due to limited space, members are not allowed to store gear, sails or other personal property in the Clubhouse including the refrigerator and kitchen.

i). A member may be requested to show his/her membership card by a member of the Board of Directors at any time.

j). Members are requested to wear their name tags while on Club premises.

k). No smoking is allowed at any time inside the Clubhouse.  The Club allows smoking on the balcony outside the Clubroom.  Smokers should use proper judgment in their activity.

l). Excessive drunken behavior is frowned upon by the Club and shall be subject under the bylaws for disciplinary action by the Board.

m). While the Club has an active O.D., on duty, no one is allowed behind the bar except the O.D. and may at their sole discretion limit or refuse alcohol to any guest or member.  This provision does not include checking the calendar or going behind the bar for other business, phone, mail, etc. or assisting the O.D. with large events.


a). Use of the hoist is restricted to members of the South Coast Corinthian Yacht Club.  Conditional use of the hoist is extended to guests of members, only if the member controls the hoisting procedure.  No one is to operate the hoist unassisted.  Members who utilize the hoist must sign a “Hoist Usage Authorization Form” available from the House-Chair and/or Port Captain.

b). When positioning your boat trailer in the area of the hoist, the hoist operator assumes responsibility for the safety of the pedestrian traffic.

c). Keep your hoisting gear (cables, slings, lines, etc.) in good working condition.  Check them often for possible wear and damage.

d). Always keep a bow and stern line attached during the hoisting procedure.

e). Do not touch the hoisting cables; hold on to the hook only.

f). Do not hoist a boat that exceeds the maximum legal limit of 2000 pounds.  This includes the total weight of the boat, its mast, and all gear stowed onboard.

g). When raising or lowering the boat, avoid “pumping” the control button.

h). When raising or lowering the hoist – with or without our boat attached – Do Not allow the hook to swing or the cables to twist.  Watch for “overrides”.

i). Do not allow crew or onlookers to stand under or near or on your boat during the hoisting process.

j). Once the boat is in the water, Do not attach it to the dock immediately under the hoist.  This dock is to remain clear at all times for the purpose of docking and hoisting only.

k). Immediately after using the hoist; return the crane to it proper position (parallel to the seawall); push in the rotating arm; and close the door to the controls.

l). Always return your trailer to your assigned dry storage space.

m). No boat will be left in the turning basin unattended.


Members wishing to utilize the Hoist must sign a “Hoist Usage Authorization Form” which shall remain on file with the Board of Directors.

a). The hoist dock consists of that area on the east side of G-3200 dock between the sea wall and slip G-3224 in the immediate vicinity of the hoist.

b). The hoist dock shall be for the Casual use of SCCYC Flag Members in good standing and guests only.  Casual use is defined as less than one day and excluding over night tie-ups.  NO boat shall be left tied up at the hoist dock over night.

c). Boats must adhere to the maximum allowable limit of the hoist of not more than 2000 pounds and not over twenty-six feet in overall length.

d). During SCCYC sponsored races and regattas, only those boats participating in the regatta shall be permitted in the hoist dock area.

e). Any exceptions to the above rules must have prior approval of the Port Captain or one of the Flag Officers


SCCYC has obtained the privilege from the operators of the dry storage yard adjacent to the Clubhouse for 24 hour access to the area through the west gates.  SCCYC members who store their boats in the yard and have obtained a key to the gates from the Port Captain are reminded that this is a privilege granted by the management and can be revoked at anytime.  Management has directed the Club to keep the gates locked at all times.  Do not expect the “next guy” to lock them.  If they are not kept secured, Management will resume control of these gates and the hours of access will be drastically reduced.


Sponsoring members shall assist new members on their first O.D. Duty.

a). All Flag, Life, Associate Flag, Collegiate, and Junior Flag Members are obligated to serve at least once during the calendar year as Officer of the Day.  

(Whereas minors under the age of 21 may not serve alcohol, a minor member under 21 may be requested to assist in a Club activity instead of O.D. duties). Assignments are published in the Club roster and again monthly in the Beacon.  Reminder Postcards will be sent out to members as a courtesy reminder.  If for some reason a member is not able to serve on the day(s) assigned, scheduled member should arrange a suitable flag member replacement and member shall contact the Rear Commodore.  

b). As Officer of the Day you must arrive at the Club at the designated time.  Enter in the O.D. Log the, date, time of arrival, and your name and read the previous entries.  Familiarize yourself with the Club rules.

c). Obtain the National Flag and SCCYC burgee from the O.D. locker.  Raise the National Flag on the gaff and the Club burgee to the top of the flag pole.  The individual Officer Flags are flown from the yardarm when the respective Officer is present at the Club.

d). Check the Club grounds, dock, dry storage area, and mail box.  Note in the log any items that need repair.

e). Empty all trash receptacles and clean-up inside the Clubhouse (rugs, windows, galley, etc.), also clean the outside deck and the area below the Clubhouse.

f). As Officer of the Day you are the Club representative and are responsible for phone messages (answer the phone “South Coast Corinthian Yacht Club”).

g). Welcome all visiting reciprocal Yacht Club members and have them sign the guest book.

h). Greet visitors to the Club and if they wish to apply for membership, have them complete the white membership application form and deposit it in the membership Chair’s Locker.

i). Lower the flags at dusk/sundown if you plan to stay later than your required time.  Fold the flags with the proper etiquette and return them to the O.D. locker.  Lock all doors, windows, and gates, unless other members are present.

j). A fee of Fifty Dollars ($50.00) will be levied against any member who fails to serve their required O.D. Duty.  O.D. reminders are emailed and posted in The Beacon by the O.D. Chair (or Rear Commodore) and serve as a courtesy reminder.  Failure to receive a reminder cannot be used as an excuse to avoid O.D. duty or the levied fine.