General Information Overview

In 1932 a hearty group of people sharing yachting and social interest founded the South Coast Corinthian Yacht Club. They launched their handmade boats over the sands of Santa Monica Beach and had their membership meetings in ocean-front cabins. The facilities were minimal, the enthusiasm, great. A few years later the club obtained a small meeting room located on the Santa Monica Pier. The popular boats of the day were Snipes and Six Meters. These were launched by crane at the end of the pier. By the late 1930’s, SCCYC had joined the Southern California Yachting Association and sponsored the first Pacific Coast Championship Regatta in Santa Monica Bay. In 1961 SCCYC assisted in establishing the Association of Santa Monica Bay Yacht Clubs to promote and coordinate yachting activities in the bay area.The South Coast Corinthian Yacht Club Burgee eventually found a permanent berth in the new sheltered waters of Marina del Rey. In 1966 the Board of Directors commissioned the construction of SCCYC’s first club house on Mindanao Way. The club had become a part of the thriving marina environment. Over the past few years, SCCYC experienced several changes, but the club has since moved back to its original facility overlooking “G” basin.


For over seventy years SCCYC has cultivated an active and personable membership. The atmosphere is always casual and the objective’s always the same…to enjoy! The purpose of the club is to encourage individual and family participation in a variety of activities, including yacht racing, cruising, social and educational events.

Club House

The club house is like a second home to its members. It is a come-as-you-are, self-service establishment. Members have access 24 hours-a-day. The facilities include a full kitchen, a stocked bar with cold beer and a comfortable lounge area. A one-ton hoist is also available.Depending on the size of your boat, the club’s Port Captain will assist new members in obtaining slips or dry storage space. While visiting neighboring ports, SCCYC members also have access to the facilities of other clubs with “reciprocal” privileges.

Social Events

Social activities are spearheaded by the members, who plan numerous events offering fun, fellowship and relaxation. The Beacon, SCCYC’s newsletter, published monthly, announces such events as 1st Friday night social gathering and dinner, boat hopping parties, sunset barbecues, dances, Hawaiian luaus and harbor cruises. Holiday parties at SCCYC have always been special events for club members, their families and guests. The Commodore’s Installation Dinner and the Opening Day Ceremonies are opportunities for SCCYC members to experience the annual traditions that make yacht club membership unique.

Yacht Racing

SCCYC is one of the major sponsors of races in the South Bay area. Annual events include the Les Storrs Series, the Fletcher Memorial Race from Catalina, Two Ladies-at-the-Helm Regattas, and the “Corinthian Cup”. All IOR, PHRF, and MORC fleets are welcome to participate. The Club’s racing associations include The United States Yacht Racing Union, the Southern California Yachting Association, and the Association of Santa Monica Bay Yacht Clubs. These affiliations give SCCYC members the opportunity to compete in races throughout California and the United States. Man or woman, novice or pro, SCCYC is proud of its racing heritage and of the individuals that make it happen!

One Design Racing

SCCYC has always enthusiastically supported one design racing. The “Outlook Trophy” race is the oldest and only Portsmouth handicapped regatta in Marina del Rey. Throughout the year SCCYC sponsors several two-day Regattas, including our “One Design Weekend”. SCCYC recognizes the international popularity of one design racing and will continue to be one of the driving forces behind this fine sport in Marina del Rey.


Cruising is as popular with club members as is racing. Sailboat and power boat owners enjoy trips to Paradise Cove, King Harbor, Long Beach, Catalina, Channel Islands and San Diego. The biggest annual cruise event is the Commodore’s Cruise to Two Harbors, Catalina in conjunction with the Fletcher Memorial Cup cruiser’s race from Catalina to Palos Verdes. Friends from other clubs join us on the beach for a big breakfast bash prepared by our Staff Commodores.

Club Meetings

General membership meetings and dinner are held at 7:00pm on the 3rd or 4th Friday or Saturday of every month, depending on the activities at the clubhouse. (Consult the Beacon or the events page on the website for exact dates). Informative programs include guest speakers, slide shows and films on a wide range of subjects of interest to yachters. Prospective members are cordially invited to attend these meetings to become acquainted with the club and see the facilities. The club officers and directors will welcome your inquires regarding South Coast Corinthian Yacht Club programs and membership.