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This page provides FAQ to help members and visitors of the web site alike


As a volunteer run club, you are expected to do your part and volunteer. You must be Officer of the Day (OD) at least twice a year (up to 4 times) where you will open the club and perform duties specified in the OD manual [insert link to document here]
The club always looks for volunteers who can host a social event or hospitality following racing.
Look up the open volunteer slots in the Volunteering page. There you can select from various opportunities but it is best to start with OD. Volunteer Yourself and see who has already signed up. An e-mail will be sent to you upon signup and a reminder will be sent as well the day before.
Volunteer Slots

Door Code

If you happen to forget your door code to access the club, e-mail

Web Site login

You can get your login name and password e-mailed to you at the address used in your application.
You can change your login name to something of your choosing in the "User name / Password" section of your profile. 


If you care to not be listed in the club directory, go to the Privacy link under More Member Options in your profile

Officer of the Day (OD)

What is the Officer of the Day (OD) 


OD, or Officer of the Day, is a member of the club who acts as a host for visitors and members at the clubhouse. Because we are an all volunteer club, we don’t have staff that can manage the clubhouse, therefore it’s our members that take on this role on any special events and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday  of each week.


Can I invite my friends and family to the club when I am OD?

Yes!! This is a great time to tell your friends to come by and see the club, have some fun and enjoy some drinks for a $5 donation. Make it a fun time for yourself and fulfill some friend/family obligations of inviting them to hang out with you! If you want to promote a specialty drink, we can also include it in the newsletter so other club members will know what you are up to.


Why am I being asked to be the OD

SCCYC is a member run club. Which means we depends on our members to volunteer to help run the club and share ideas and goals to make SCCYC a fun place we can all call home.


I’m new to the club and I’m not sure what to do when I’m OD, who can help me?

If you’re a new member, don’t worry, it easy; everything you need to know is in the OD binder behind the bar. If you get stuck, your sponsors should be available to assist you on your first OD Duty. If this fails, contact or  for assistance. Club contacts can be found here Contact Us


Hours are typically 6 pm – 10 pm on Friday and Saturday nights, Sundays are timed to support the First Sunday Brunches. So the Sunday hours are 11a.m. to 2:00p.m. .  All of this can change depending on club events where the OD can best support the on going activity that day. 


What if I have a conflict for the day I’m scheduled, can you find a replacement?

The OD chairman, or Rear Commodore schedule approximately 150 OD shifts during the year. Because of that volume, OD duty is scheduled alphabetically since trying to work around everyone’s schedules would make OD a full-time job (and we already have full-time jobs). Therefore, it is up to the member to find a suitable replacement and notify the OD chair or rear commodore of the schedule change. You can find a membership roster by looking up the Standard Member Directory 


What happens if I “No Show”

a.      A fee of $50 can be levied against any member who fails to service their OD duty.


Nobody told me that I was OD?

OD reminders are emailed a few weeks before the assigned day and are posted on the club calendar at These are courtesy reminders. Failure to receive a reminder is not an excuse to avoid OD duty or the levied fine.


Renewing and paying your dues

The simplest mean of payment for your dues that will help you and our treasurer is to setup a credit card with recurring payment in your profile.
When you login, you may have a Red flag that shows you need to renew. That causes your membership expiration date to shift forward and produces an invoice. Then you need to make the payment.

Choose a payment method.
You can use Credit card or Paypal within the system which will keep your account in sync with the club books.
If you prefer to pay with a check or zelle or use your bank "bill pay", please make the payment in the system selecting "check" or "external system". That lets the club know that the money is on the way and we don't need to bug you with reminders.

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