What is Happening Here?

Hi, thanks for dropping in and welcome to South Coast Corinthian Yacht Club. The event you are seeing today is “Opening Day”.

What is Opening Day?

Opening day is the traditional start to the sailing season for a yacht club. This tradition started on the East Coast and is rooted in northern clubs who actually closed down during the winter and shuttered their clubhouses. In the spring, they woud reopen with fanfare. In Southern California, Opening day is a bit of a party, since the clubs never really close, as the only ice in our harbor is in our Dark and Stormies.

What is South Coast Corinithian Yacht Club?

South Coast is a friendly do-it-yourself club, with a long tradition in Los Angeles. The current club focuses mainly on dinghy racing and has a large keelboat fleet of racers and cruisers. We’re super-proud of our fabulous, brand new clubhouse that opened at the end of 2021. For more info on club history, click here

How do I Join?

We’re currently accepting applications. Click here for details

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